Arizona Boarding School Installs Wind Turbine

Visible from the southwest side of the campus of the Orme School, a new wind turbine serves as an excellent reminder of the Arizona boarding school’s goals for the future.

On Friday, November 11, the Orme School community and representatives from Northern Arizona University and Wind for Schools Program representatives as the turbine’s tower rose above the campus skyline and its blades rotated for the first time. The 45-foot Skystream turbine was made in Flagstaff and installed behind the Library by a crew from Tucson. The 2.4-kilowatt wind turbine will help power buildings in the Orme system, specifically Phillips Library, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and the Computer Learning Center. It will provide various data for student use in science classrooms.

As a campus, our gratitude goes out to those who partnered with Orme School to make this possible: Billy Cordasco of Babbitt Ranches, NextEra Energy, Karin Wadsak and Steve Atkins at NAU’s Landsward Institute, the Wind for Schools Program, and others who helped give us this opportunity to learn about alternative sources of power, and what it means to be a sustainable community. Also a key leader in the process was Orme School’s Director of Sustainability, Pia Peterson.

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